Snow Ranch English Cream Goldens is a quality, caring, and responsible boutique breeder of Golden Retrievers. 



If you are interested in one of our puppies, we require a 1000 dollar deposit in order to hold the spot. The remaining amount is not due until you pick up your puppy at 8 weeks old. Deposits are refundable if we end up not having enough puppies after the litter is born or if we did not end up having your preferred sex. However if we end up having your preferred gender and you change your mind about wanting a puppy the deposit then becomes non refundable.

Snow Ranch English Cream Golden Retrievers

                                                    Snowgoldens FAQ’s

Can I schedule a visit?

- We do not allow visitations unless you have a puppy in our home and those are limited, please read below for why this is what we choose to do.

*** Studs and Dams *** We breed from our family home in Snohomish so this is not a large kennel or business location.  We only have one of our breeding females living with us as our family pet and all other breeding females live with friends of ours as their permanent family pets at different homes and locations in Washington. These females are only in our home when they have a current litter so they can be with their puppies. We have our breeding set up this way to provide the best possible life for our females and prevent them from living in a kennel. We want them to have forever homes from the start. They have all been with their families since 8 weeks old and are well loved and cared for. We own the breeding rights and are responsible for all their certifications and regular vet bills during the time they are being bred but they live with their forever family so visitation with them is not something we do. I am more than happy to send photos and pictures of their documentation to you. There is also a description of them and a photo on our website.  The males we use are from a trusted stud service out of state we have used for years, and their website is listed on our website as well so you can see their documentation.

*** Puppies*** If you have a puppy in our home, we allow one visitation at 6 weeks of age and then you take your puppy home at 8 weeks old. We do not allow any other visitations due to the puppies not being vaccinated until 8 weeks old. They are very fragile and not protected for their first several weeks of life. We want to keep your puppy safe and healthy until they are vaccinated and ready to go home. I send pictures weekly if you have a puppy in our home and am always available for questions or updates. When you have a puppy in our home you will have my personal cell number to contact.


When will my puppy go home?

- Puppies go home at 8 weeks old. After the puppies are born I schedule them for their 8 weeks shots. I will reach out to you and give you the exact date after their 8 weeks shots that they will need to be picked up. You will know this date 7 weeks in advance. Puppies must be picked up on this date. We are available the entire day for pickups and I will reach out to you to schedule a time that works for you that day. If you are unable to pick to up your puppy on the go home day, we can make arrangements for a day that allows you to pick up your puppy.


What does my puppy eat?

- Our puppies eat Royal Canine Golden Retriever Puppy Food. They will be completely weened and on this food when you pick them up. Follow the directions on the package for how much to feed your puppy. You can also use another food of your choosing but do not get a food that states it is grain free as grain free food is known to have the possibility of causing heart problems.


What vaccines will my puppy have?

- Your puppy will have a wellness check by a vet and be given the Bordetella Oral dose, first DHP-CP vaccine and  first deworming. You will be given the second dose of deworming to take home. You will be given paperwork that shows what vaccines they have had and when boosters are due.


Will my puppy be AKC Registered?

- You will be given paperwork in order to Register you puppy with AKC. I register the litter so you are able to register your puppy.


What OFA Certifications do the Parents of my Puppy have?

- Both parents of your puppy are OFA certified for hips, elbows, eyes and heart. This means they have been seen by a vet for all of these to check for any health problems of the areas listed above. They cannot be certified through OFA if there are any known health issues discovered. We do this in order to prevent passing down any known health issues to puppies. This does not guarantee that a puppy will never develop any health issues as the health of a dog can be affected by many environmental factors outside of just genetics but it does mean the parents do not have any known health problems with their eyes, hearts, hip or elbows that could be passed down to your puppy. This is how we breed responsibly with the health of all our puppies as top priority.

When should I schedule a vet appointment?

- I highly recommend reaching out to your vet and scheduling an appointment in advance as many vets are very busy and its easier to schedule ahead of time. Let your vet know what shots they will be given and when (I will provide you with that date) and they can schedule you appropriately for boosters.


Above all we want you to enjoy and love your new puppy and we are very excited to be apart of bringing that new family member to you.